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News release – 2013 Number 21

Setting the course for our worldwide energy future

World Smart Grid Forum hosted by IEC, State Grid Corporation of China and VDE


  • International dialogue on how to bring today’s small scale smart energy projects to broad-scale fruition.
  • Defining the way forward with new business models, policies and technology solutions that will drive global market growth and stimulate smart innovations.


Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-09-19 – Hundreds of energy leaders and experts from Asia, Europe and the Americas will gather in Berlin, Germany, on September 24-25, at the World Smart Grid Forum to help shape the path towards strong Smart Grids, Smart Communities and Smart Cities. The event is unique in that it analyzes and crystalizes success factors, complementing existing Smart Grid events by stimulating technology-independent thought processes.     



Smart Grids is key to our long-term energy security. Building modern power grids and enabling existing networks to integrate renewable energy sources and decentralized power generation requires the right combination of technology-independent decision processes, innovative business models and well-designed policies and technology systems.


Concrete recommendations for future action
Even more importantly, to bring Smart Grid projects to reality and outline the path towards integrated Smart Grid implementation, best practice must be shared and the right methodologies need to be identified. This is why the concrete outcomes of the World Smart Grid Forum will be published immediately following the event in a strategy paper with clear recommendations.


And the benefits will be widespread…
By adding intelligence in the right places we will enable the integration of renewables, including intermittent, distributed energy sources such as wind and solar in the energy chain. This will also increase energy efficiency and affordability. Globally, Smart Grids are increasingly being seen as the key to greater energy security.  It is expected that the global market will generate half a trillion US dollars of business by 2020, with annual growth rates of ten percent.


Freed from commercial and technological constraints
The Forum is organized by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China) and VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology. The Forum is unique in that it is seeking to establish decision and thought processes that are freed from the commercial and technological constraints that are common to most other Smart Grid events.  


Leading international Smart Grid experts and top managers from 36 nations – including Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Wucherer, President of the IEC; Zhenya Liu, Chairman of SGCC; and VDE President Dr.-Ing. Joachim Schneider – will discuss innovative strategies, technology systems and business models for energy systems of the future. This world energy summit offers an opportunity for intensive dialogues at the top management level as well as the chance to mobilize international synergies to seek the most efficient way forward.


Rich programme fosters wealth of exchange
The Forum will analyze and synthesize technical, regulatory and industry progress as well as crystalize pathways that will lead to large-scale implementation of Smart Grids and Smart Cities. The topics of the Forum sessions range from innovation trends and risk management (information security and functional safety) to energy efficiency potential and political and regulatory framework conditions. In addition, there will be 76 poster presentations, an interactive session where Forum participants can discuss all topics relevant to Smart Grids, and a “Future Forum” closing event that will wrap up the results of the congress.



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News release 2013-21

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