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News release – 2013 Number 13

2013 World Standards Day poster competition: Winner announced


Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-06-25 – Frederica Scott Vollrath (Germany) has clinched first prize in the 2013 World Standards Day poster competition, receiving the lion’s share of the deciding vote with a poster depicting manufacturing blueprints as an illustration of 2013’s World Standards Day theme: International standards ensure positive change.



Frederica wins CHF 1,500 courtesy of IEC, ISO and ITU, the three international standards developing organizations comprising the WSC (World Standards Cooperation). Her poster will provide the visual identity to this year’s World Standards Day, 14 October, appearing worldwide in the promotion and celebration of this international day of observance.


Motivating the conceptual basis for her poster design, Frederica explains that as a “sustainable product designer,” she has been “trained to capture complex 3D design ideas as 2D technical drawings in the interest of providing simple plans for manufacturers to follow.”


Conveying how standards simplify otherwise complex industrial processes, Frederica centred her poster around a designer’s working drawings of blueprints, which she notes can be “both intriguing and visually appealing; almost works of art in themselves.”


The poster competition in addition awarded cash prizes of CHF 500 to each of the three runners-up: Seuwandi Yapa and Samith Roshan (Sri Lanka); Taylor Marquis (Canada); and Dimitri Monnois (France).


See the posters designed by the winner and three runners-up here.



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News release 2013-13

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