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News release – 2013 Number 05

IEC shows a new digital face to make working easier

International Electrotechnical Commission launches revamped website homepage


Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-04-02 – The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), the world’s leading standards body in electrotechnology, has launched a new look for its institutional website homepage, designed to provide an improved user experience and simpler navigation.


Frans Vreeswijk

As the demand for electricity is growing quickly, IEC has to be at the leading edge of the evolving standardization needs across all electrotechnical sectors.


One of the objectives of the new look homepage is to provide a digital work environment that responds to the needs of the almost 13,000 experts worldwide who contribute to the development of IEC International Standards and the functioning of its Conformity Assessment systems.


The new homepage features tabs for Home, Work, Learn, News and Buy which bring users directly to the content they are most interested in.


At the same time, IEC has launched an upgraded myIEC tool to provide on a single web page, the IEC community with a set of personalized and role-based direct links to working information, tools and applications. Users are able to tailor their personal work page so that it responds to their specific standardization or conformity assessment needs.


The new homepage and the upgraded myIEC tool aim to better serve the vast IEC community by offering the most efficient working platform to existing and new users. For example, if someone is a Technical Committee or Subcommittee expert, a Conformity Assessment System expert, has responsibilities in an IEC National Committee or participates in an IEC Management Committee, they can now find all their documents and links in a single place.


IEC provides a platform to companies, industries and governments to meet, discuss and develop the International Standards they require. Both private and public sector industry make a great investment in and contribution to IEC work, supplying the vast majority of technical experts who develop IEC International Standards.



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News release 2013-05

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