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IEC News log – 2013


Major milestone: single charger for notebook computers will significantly reduce e-waste

IEC publishes first globally relevant technical specification


The IEC announced today the publication of the first globally relevant Technical Specification for a single external charger for a wide range of notebook computers and laptops.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-12-16


The energy challenge: Enabling real solutions globally

Post-COP19 practical measures to address the issues


The IEC is urging countries, industry, and civil society to make better use of the real solutions that the IEC offers to help meet the energy challenge and mitigate climate change.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-12-06


Promoting regional and global trade and product safety

IEC signs Memorandum of Understanding with Eurasian Economic Commission


IEC and ECC signed a Memorandum of Understanding that aims to smooth regional and international trade, while increasing the competitiveness and safety of electrical and electronic products in the region.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-11-05


Significant impact of power outages and fluctuation

77th IEC General Meeting Open Session addresses the challenges of Power Quality


International leaders, top academics and industry heads address the challenges of maintaining a reliable, high quality power supply at the Open Session during the IEC General Meeting.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-10-25


World Standards Day 2013: International standards ensure positive change

It's on 14 October


WSD recognizes the efforts of thousands of experts worldwide who collaborate within IEC, ISO and ITU to develop voluntary international standards.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-10-11


IEC, World Bank and UN Foundation announce rural electrification support for developing countries

TS 62257 package available for qualified stakeholders


New initiative provides access to important technical documents that support rural electrification, at a specially discounted price.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-09-26


Setting the course for our worldwide energy future

World Smart Grid Forum hosted by IEC, State Grid Corporation of China and VDE


Hundreds of energy leaders and experts will gather to help shape the path towards strong Smart Grids, Smart Communities and Smart Cities.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-09-19


Invisible link

Submarine power cables and connecting equipment are central to marine energy


Transferring power from marine energy converters to the grid and end users via submarine cables has greatly advanced in recent years.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-08-07


Twenty thousand MW under the sea

Marine energy's growing role in the global supply of renewables


Harnessing marine energy is set to provide essential additional sources of clean power in the future.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-08-06


Danger to life and property

IECQ CAP wages war against counterfeit components


The IECQ Counterfeit Avoidance Programme helps the aerospace, defense and high performance industries with avoiding and mitigating counterfeit or fraudulent electronic components.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-07-24


Small is beautiful

Tiny electrical and electronic components and devices are found everywhere


Micro, mini, pico, nano: there are few domains where all these suffixes are as frequently used as in electrotechnology and the trend is continuing.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-07-16


The sky's no limit...

How the IEC is helping to enable avionics


The IEC Technical Committee 107 helps advance airborn safety through process management standards for avionics, the electronic systems used in commercial, civil and defence aerospace applications.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-07-15


The IEC helps keep the power on

A new brochure showcases IEC work in the energy sector


See just how and where the IEC is working when it comes to keeping the power on – you may be surprised!


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-07-05


IEC joins energy leaders at GSEP Summit

IEC President and IEC CEO participate in Washington event


At the recent GSEP (Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership) annual summit the IEC shared insights into the benefits that IEC work brings to the energy solutions of the future.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-07-04

WSD 2013 pster

Winner of 2013 World Standards Day poster competition

Frederica Scott Vollrath of Germany has won first prize


Her design of a poster with manufacturing blueprints as an illustration of 2013’s World Standards Day theme: International standards ensure positive change received the majority of votes.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-06-25

YPP programme

Look ahead…New Delhi calling

IEC Young Professionals 2013 workshop registration closes 30 June


National Committees have until the end of June to register participants for the IEC Young Professionals Programme 2013 workshop to be held in New Delhi in October during the IEC General Meeting.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-06-10

information interoperability

Trust your doctor and his equipment

IEC International Standards ensure medical electrical equipment is safe to use and operate


Medical care is a matter of trust, patients trust doctors and medical staff who, in turn trust the equipment they use.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-06-07

information interoperability

Dr Robot needs standards too!

With more robots used in medical care, International Standards are vital for safety


Robotic medical and healthcare technology brings the need to ensure safe usage for patients and medical staff alike.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-06-06

information interoperability

Legal multimedia content access simplified for consumers

New ITU-IEC metadata standard for cross-platform IPTV


A new IEC and ITU standard helps to to ensure that multimedia content can be shared legally across different platforms.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-05-22

support to financial services

Additional support to financial services thanks to IEC and ISO

Security, trust and confidence are key in protecting assets and processed information


A new IEC and ISO Technical Report aims to provide specific finance industry guidance for information security management systems.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-04-24

Electromagnetic pulse

Protection against electromagnetic effects

Specific IECEE EMC programme ensures safety and reliability of electrical and electronic devices


IECEE has put in place the mechanisms to ensure that products conform to the requirements of EMC Electromagnetic compatibility standards.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-04-08

Lightning strike

Coping with nature's whims

IEC work helps mitigate consequences of natural phenomena


To ensure that systems are properly built to operate in extreme weather conditions, such as solar storms, hurricanes, extreme cold or heat, several IEC TCs (Technical Committees) prepare International Standards.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-04-04

IEC home page

IEC shows a new digital face to make working easier

International Electrotechnical Commission launches revamped website homepage


The IEC has launched a new look for its institutional website homepage, designed to provide an improved user experience and simpler navigation.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-04-02

IECEx mobile app

Higher gear for standards and fully networked cars

International Standards support the global automotive industry's FNC work


International Standards supporting the global automotive industry in the development of fully networked cars (FNC) with intelligent transport systems (ITS) was the main topic discussed at the 8th Fully Networked Car Workshop. The workshop was held on 6 March 2013 during the Geneva International Motor Show, Switzerland.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-03-11

IECEx mobile app

IECEx certificates go mobile

An app to identify devices in explosive atmospheres


IECEx, the IEC System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres, has launched the first mobile application to show international certificates for equipment used in explosive atmospheres.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-03-05

World Smart Grid Forum

First global forum to drive Smart Grid decisions, analyzing past successes and failures

World Smart Grid Forum 2013 under the thought leadership of IEC, SGCC and VDE


The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), the SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China) the world’s biggest power utility, and VDE, one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe, have joined forces to deliver a decision-making canvas to allow Smart Grids to finally move into large scale implementation for the first World Smart Grid Forum (Berlin, 24-25 September 2013).


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-03-04


Tackling the energy challenge

Renewable energy and energy efficiency are key themes


RTCC (Responding to Climate Change) TV speaks to IEC General Secretary and CEO Frans Vreeswijk about the need for change within the electrical industry and for cooperation as a means of moving forward, as well as the increasing importance of storage in achieving a broader roll-out of energy-efficient technologies.


( read article ) Geneva, Switzerland, 2013-02-08