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News release – 2010 Number 6

Morocco, the 5th largest African economy, joins the IEC

IEC welcomes its 81st member


Geneva, Switzerland, 2010-07-27 The IEC is today welcoming Morocco as its 81st member, joining a growing community of 162 countries involved in electrotechnical standardization..


Map of Morocco

Morocco is a major player in African economic affairs and the 5th largest African economy by GDP (close to USD 91 billion in 2009). Over the past five years, the country enjoyed a steady growth of about 5 % per annum.


In addition to the automotive, IT and telecom industry sectors, which are in constant development, the Moroccan electrical and electronics industry is expanding rapidly. The key focus here is on the production of wiring and cables, electronic components, electrical distribution equipment, electrical batteries and storage systems, electric devices and lamps, and electric transformers and generators.

Total electricity production amounts to 19.78 billion kWh (2008 estimate) while electricity consumption reaches approximately 21 billion kWh.


Morocco follows in the steps of several African countries that have become full or associate members of the IEC. Those include Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Libya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tunisia.


The electrotechnical interests of Morocco in the IEC are represented by COMELEC, the new Moroccan IEC NC (National Committee). It is made up of a balanced mix of representatives from power generation and distribution authorities, manufacturers, R&D (research and development) establishments, academia, testing laboratories, consumer association and various governmental bodies concerned with electrical and electronic applications.


The President of COMELEC is also the President and representative of FENELEC, the National Federation of Electrical and Electronic Companies. FENELEC counts more than 250 companies members, representing more than 95 % of the products and services activity of the Moroccan electric and electronic sector. It is organized in four associations (manufacturers, distributors, fitters and electronic sector) and is the only representative of this sector in Morocco.


The Secretariat of the Moroccan NC is held by SNIMA, the Moroccan Service of Industrial Standardization, a State institution, set up in 1970 under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of Industry. SNIMA is responsible for distributing and promoting standardization, and managing the national standards conformity certification system.


Morocco’s participation in IEC standardization work should prove to be beneficial for its local economy and an excellent tool to accelerate its exports.


As an Associate Member, Morocco may observe the Council, SMB (Standardization Management Board) and CAB (Conformity Assessment Board) meetings during the IEC General Meeting. Furthermore, Morocco has access rights and can comment on IEC technical documents and has the possibility to participate in up to four IEC Technical Committees and Subcommittees as a Participating member (P-member), with the obligation to vote on the relevant committee’s technical work.


Today 162 countries are part of the IEC family: 81 are members and 81 developing countries participate in the Affiliate Country Programme.