International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

Young Professionals Programme



James M. Shannon

James M. Shannon - IEC President


Mr James Shannon became IEC President on 1 January 2017, for a three-year term, having served as President-Elect since 1 January 2016. From 2002 to 2014, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Prior to that, Mr Shannon served as Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and was a Senior Partner at the law firm of Hale & Dorr in Boston, USA. He was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1978 and served in the House until 1985. A member of the Ways and Means Committee for six years, he served on the Trade, Health, and Social Security Subcommittees.

Frans Vreeswijk

Frans Vreeswijk - IEC General Secretary & CEO


Mr Frans Vreeswijk became IEC General Secretary and CEO on 1 October 2012, having served as Deputy General Secretary since 1 March 2012. Prior to joining IEC Central Office, he worked for 30 years for Philips in the Netherlands, Austria and the USA, notably in research, healthcare and consumer electronics areas. Previously he was President of the Dutch National Committee of the IEC (NEC) and has served on the IEC CB and SMB as well as representing the Netherlands in CENELEC.

Katharine Fraga

Katharine Fraga - IEC Head of Governance and Global Strategy


Ms Katharine Fraga has been working for the IEC since 2004 and was originally involved in the IEC’s conformity assessment activities before moving to the General Secretary’s office in 2008. Currently she is responsible for IEC membership activities, including managing the Young Professional Programme, and is Secretary of the Council, Council Board, Executive Committee, Finance Committee and Audit Committee. Katharine has substantial experience in developing and implementing organizational strategy, stakeholder engagement, membership issues and strategic partnerships with other organizations.

Juan Li

Juan Li – Senior engineer, Huawei


Ms Juan Li is a senior engineer working for Huawei. She obtained her PhD in 2014 from the national institute of applied sciences (INSA) in Lyon, France, where she studied computer science - service-oriented architecture and industry management. After graduation she joined Huawei Software, where she became an industry development engineer with Business Development Manager and Frameworx Transformation Manager certifications. She has been working with several international industry standards organizations, such as TM Forum and The Open Group, on digital transformation of telecommunication operations. She has led and contributed to more than nine industry standards, including the first telecommunication industry digital maturity model, telco data monetization governance functions, digital payment ecosystem, Business Support System (BSS) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for good customer experience, and others. Applejuan is hoping to expand her expertise in information and communications technology (ICT) related areas.

Robert McLaren

Robert McLaren - IEC Young Professionals programme coordinator


Mr Robert McLaren studied International Relations at the Graduate Institute of International studies in Geneva, Switzerland. He then worked in Marketing for Caterpillar Inc. before joining the IEC in 2012. He is currently working in the Central Office as the IEC Young Professionals Programme Coordinator and will be running the workshop in Busan.

Mark Amos

Mark Amos - IECEx Business Manager


Mr Mark Amos is currently Business Manager for the IEC’s System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx). Prior to this role, Mark worked as: Director, Energy Infrastructure Policy at the Energy Networks Association (ENA); Technical & Regulatory Manager at Australian Industry Group (AiG); a range of technical, marketing and management roles in the plumbing, gas and electrical equipment manufacturing industry sectors in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. In parallel he represented Australia on the IEC Standardisation Management Board (SMB) and Chaired a number of Standards Australia Technical Committees, Sub Committees and Working Groups.


Over the 29 years in industry he has held senior positions across production management, technical, marketing, R&D and product certification functions where quality management systems, Standards and conformity assessment principles have always served as foundations for all aspects of work.


Mark holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree (with First Class Honours) and post graduate qualifications in general management, marketing, project management, business analysis and strategy.

Jonathan Colby

Jonathan Colby – Director of Technology Performance, Verdant Power


Mr Jonathan Colby is Director of Technology Performance at Verdant Power, a company which develops marine energy technologies and projects.


He completed a master’s degree from the College of Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology with an emphasis on experimental fluid mechanics.  His work includes turbine blade design, hydrodynamic modelling and analysis, and site operation responsibilities.


Jonathan Colby’s initial IEC involvement began in 2008 as a US subject matter expert on IEC TC 114: Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters. In 2011 he participated in the IEC YP workshop and was elected as one of the YP Leaders.


Jonathan became Chair of IEC TC 114 in November 2016. He is also Chair of the Marine Energy Operational Management Committee (ME-OMC) of the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications (IECRE) and Convenor of the REMC WG001 (IECRE).


He received the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Next Generation Award and the IEC 1906 Award. He recently became Member of the Council Board Task Force on internal transformation strategy of the IEC.

Adam Murdoch

Adam Murdoch – Head of Electrical Equipment Safety & Efficiency, Energy Safe Victoria


Mr Adam Murdoch is Head of Electrical Equipment Safety & Efficiency at Energy Safe Victoria (ESV). ESV is the independent technical regulator for electricity, gas and pipeline safety in Victoria Australia. After attending the IEC YP – 2010 workshop in Seattle, Adam started his involvement in various Technical Committees and maintenance teams and subcommittees as an Australian delegate, namely: TC 61: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances and; SC 61C: Safety of refrigeration appliances for household and commercial use and SC 61H: Safety of electrically-operated farm appliances; TC 61 MT4: Temperature limits and resistance to heat and fire. In 2012 Adam became the Chair of SC 61H and in 2015 he was awarded the IEC 1906 Award.

Philip Wennblom

Philip Wennblom – Senior Director, Standards Policy, Intel Corporation


Mr Philip Wennblom is Senior Director of Standards Policy for Intel Corporation. As part of the Government and Policy Group, his team sets Intel standards policy positions and leads Intel representation in strategic standards setting organizations world-wide.


Phil has been active in ISO/IEC JTC 1 - Information technology since 2005 and is currently the Chair of JTC 1. He has represented Intel on the INCITS (the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards) Executive Board since 2002 and chaired the board from 2013 through 2017.


Active in governance of the IEEE Standards Association since 2004, Phil currently serves on the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board and chairs the Patent Committee of the Standards Board.


Phil is a member of the Standardization Policy Committee of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) and served as its Chair from 2008 through 2017.


Phil joined Intel in 1984 as a design engineer. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mike Wood

Mike Wood – General Manager, EME Strategy, Governance and Risk
Management, Telstra Operations


Mr Mike Wood is a Distinguished Professional with Telstra and the General Manager for Telstra’s EME Strategy, Governance and Risk Management programme. Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the strategy and management of mobile network deployment, Electromagnetic Energy (EME) and community consultation for the wireless industry.


Mike trained with the Australian Defence Department in radio & microwave communications prior to graduating from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1985.


Mike has worked in standards development for over 20 years and is currently Chair of the IEC TC 106 which has global responsibility for EME testing standards for mobile phones, devices, wireless networks and radio communication systems.


The current focus for TC 106 is the 2020 strategic business plan and development of standards for the assessment of 5G mobile technologies. Mike is also active in the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standards and in Australia chairs the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association RF Safety Compliance Programme.

Guilaine Fournet

Guilaine Fournet – IEC Head of Sales & Business Development


Ms Guilaine Fournet joined the IEC in 1998. First in the Information & Marketing Department, then in 2001 she became the Affiliate Country Programme's coordinator. In 2003, she was appointed Customer Service Centre Manager and in 2006 Sales Manager. Since 2008 she is Head of Sales & Business Development. Reporting to the General Secretary she manages and develops measures aimed at increasing overall sales revenues. She is in contact with IEC members, standards developing organizations (SDOs), resellers and customers. She is also in charge of copyright and Intellectual property (IP) matters.

Annette Fredriksen

Annette Frederiksen – Research Engineer, Robert Bosch GmbH


Ms Annette Frederiksen was born in Rendsburg, Germany. She lived her first 18 years in Belgium, where she completed her Baccalaureate at the European School of Brussels I. Afterwards she studied mechatronics at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, where she specialized in micro mechatronics and received her Engineering Diploma (Dipl.-Ing.) in 2009. During her studies she worked for five months as a trainee at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France. In 2012, she received her PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, for her research on scanning laser projection systems. Annette joined Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany, in 2008 and has been working since 2009 in the Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering department in the group for optics and optoelectronics. Her working topics are simulation, development and prototyping of new concepts for display and optical sensor technologies. She is deeply involved in eye safety evaluation of complex laser products and actively participates as an expert in the German (DKE/GK 841), European (CLC TC 76) and international (IEC TC 76) standardization committees for eye and laser safety. In 2017 she became Secretary of CLC TC 76 and in 2018 Assistant Secretary of IEC TC 76.

David Hanlon

David Hanlon - IEC CAB Secretary


Mr David Hanlon worked with IEC Technical Committees as a Technical Officer before becoming the Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) Secretary in 2012. David has a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the UNSW in Sydney Australia and an Executive MBA in Management of Technology (MoT) from the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Prior to joining the IEC, David’s 30 years career spanned diverse professional experience in technical, commercial and management areas across 3 continents mainly in international SMEs focused on industrial manufacturing including his own 10 year start-up during the 1990s.

Pierre Selva

Pierre Selva - Conformity Assessment & Market Surveillance Director, Global
Industry & Government Affairs Strategy, Schneider Electric


Mr Pierre Selva is currently Schneider Electric’s Director for Conformity Assessment and Market Surveillance subjects. He has always been involved in the fields of standardization, certification and test laboratory from the beginning of his career in 1988. He worked for several companies, from large ones like Hewlett Packard and Schneider Electric to self-employed, and was also the founder and manager of an EMC and safety test Laboratory. He joined Schneider Electric in 2005 and he’s a graduate from the Technological University of Compiègnes (France) and holds a “specialized masters” in the field of standardization, quality, certification and tests.

Pierre is currently the alternate member for France at the CAB and IECEE levels. He also holds the position of IECEE Treasurer from 1 January 2016 and he’s involved in several CAB and IECEE Working Groups.


Dennis Chew

Dennis Chew - IEC Regional Director, Asia-Pacific Regional Centre


Mr Dennis Chew has been actively involved in international and regional standardization and related work for more than 15 years. He had served as the Secretary to the Singapore National Committee of the IEC before setting up the IEC Asia-Pacific Regional Centre (IEC-APRC) in 2002.  


As Regional Director of the IEC-APRC, Dennis has been actively promoting the IEC and encouraging the use of IEC international standards and conformity assessment systems to both industry and government bodies across the Asia-Pacific region.  


Dennis has extensive knowledge and experience on standards and conformance infrastructure and developments in APEC and ASEAN, having been involved in the development and implementation of the ASEAN Harmonized Regulatory Regime for Electrical and Electronic Equipment, regional Mutual Recognition Arrangements and the regional harmonization of standards and regulatory requirements.

Jorge Richard Angulo

Jorge Richard Angulo – Programme Manager, General Electric


Mr Jorge Richard Angulo is a Programme Manager at General Electric with experience in product R&D, engineering, productivity and technical compliance. He has worked on the business development of new innovative products, from conception to return on investment. During his career he has worked for small, medium and multinational companies in the medical, appliances and energy industries, based in Mexico, the US, Germany and Brazil. He has led several engineering teams, including a regional compliance team more recently. He is currently working on world needs with a special focus on analytics-big data and Internet of Things (IoT) by means of tangible, safe and energy efficient products. He has a Mechanical Engineering Master of Science degree and has recently attended advanced courses on leadership and Big Data Analytics. He holds three granted patents in the appliance industry which endorse innovative products currently on the market. He is involved nationally with the mirror committee of SC 23 K and with the Smart cities mirror Systems Committee. He enjoys being a digital learner and passionate open water swimmer.

Wael William Diab

Wael William Diab – Senior Director, Huawei


Mr Wael William Diab is a business and technology strategist with over 875 patents to his name in the fields of networking and ICT. Prior to Huawei, Wael held senior leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco and Broadcom.


Wael has bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering, a bachelors degree in economics from Stanford University, and an MBA with honors from Wharton. He is a published author, having authored the book Ethernet in the First Mile: Access for Everyone. In 2011, Wael was recognized by the David Packard Medal of Achievement and Innovator Award for his leadership in Green Technology.


Wael has been active in standardization and related activities for two decades. He chairs ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42, the international standardization committee on artificial Intelligence (AI). Wael represents Huawei at the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), where he is Secretary of the Steering Committee and chairs the Liaison Working Group, Technology Working Group, Industrial AI Task Group and Global Event Series Task Group. He is co-author of the Industrial Analytics: The Engine Driving the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Revolution whitepaper and the Industrial IoT Analytics Framework (IIAF). He is a recipient of the IIC Individual Contributor Award. Wael is a member of the IoT Solutions World Congress Program Committee and chairs its AI forum.

Marty Cole

Marty Cole - Manager, Hubbell Harsh & Hazardous Industries


Mr Marty Cole has worked for Hubbell Canada for over 40 years and been involved with hazardous locations for most of that time.  He is a member of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Part I - Section 18 Subcommittee, chair of CSA’s Integrated Committee on Hazardous Locations (ICHL) which deals with all hazardous location standards, and NFPA 820 Standard on Wastewater Treatment Facilities.  He is Chair of the Hazardous Location Products sub-section of Electro Federation Canada’s Wiring Products Section and a member of the Board of Directors of the CEC Part 4 - Objective Based Industrial Electrical Code (OBIEC) Stakeholder Advisory Committee. He is also a member of CSA TC419 Technical Committee on the Performance of Lighting Products and an associate member of CSA TCIP Technical Committee on Industrial Products

Marty is a member of the IEC Conformity Assessment Board (CAB, Vice-Chair of the IECEx Management Committee, Convenor of IECEx ExMC WG1 (Rules Committee) and IECEx ExMC WG13 (Business Development). He chairs the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) mirror committee to IEC TC 31, SC 31G, SC 31J and SC 31M  and is a member of numerous IEC product standards for equipment and installations relating to Explosive Atmospheres and Convenor the IEC PT60079-44 Standard on the Explosive Atmospheres Personnel Competency Requirements.


Marty is an IEEE Senior Member, an IAS and active in IEEE-PCIC Committees and Standards.  He has authored and co-authored numerous papers and articles relating to hazardous locations for the IEEE-PCIC, IEEE-ESW, IEEE-ESTMP, PCIC-Europe, IEEE-GCC, IEEE-IAS Magazine and several other industry publications. In 2014 he was awarded CSA’s Award of Merit for his work in hazardous location standards.

Shawn Paulsen

Shawn Paulsen – IEC Vice-President, CAB Chair


Mr Shawn Paulsen began his three-year term as Chair of the Conformity Assessment Board and IEC Vice-President on 1 January 2018. At present, he is the Manager of Conformity Assessment within the CSA Group in Canada. Previously he was the Chief Electrical Inspector in the Department of Public Safety for the New Brunswick Provincial Electrical Regulator and was the Provincial representative on national codes, standards and conformity assessment committees. Mr Paulsen was a member of the CAB from 2012 to 2017 and has wide experience in both technical and policy standards work having been involved with a number of Canadian and international activities.

Pierre Sebellin

Pierre Sebellin, IEC Technical Department Manager


Mr Pierre Sebellin joined the IEC Central Office in 2011 where he worked as Technical Officer in standards development with several IEC Technical Committees. In 2014 he moved into the newly created position of Systems Technical Officer. In this role, he implemented and promoted the Systems approach for the standardization work of the IEC. He also acted as Secretary for several Systems Committees and Systems Evaluation Groups. Since 2016, he is managing the Technical Department at the IEC Central Office.


Pierre holds an engineer's degree in Mechatronics and Electronics. Prior to joining the IEC, Pierre’s 25 year career spanned over diverse professional management experience in R&D and marketing in international SMEs focused on industrial manufacturing, factory automation and metrology.

Yun Chao Hu

Richard Schomberg – Vice-President Smart Energy Standardization, EDF Group


Mr Richard Schomberg is Vice-President Smart Energy Standardization at EDF Group (Electricité de France). Over the past years, he has held a number of management positions at EDF Group Research & Development and has designed multimillion dollars complex systems for critical operations. Richard currently chairs the IEC Systems Committee on Smart Energy and PC 118: Smart Grid User Interface, and has in the past chaired IEC TC 8 - Systems aspects for electrical energy supply, IEC TC 45 - Nuclear instrumentation, and Strategic Group 3 on Smart Grid. In 2011, Mr Schomberg received the IEC Lord Kelvin Award for his long-term and exceptional contribution to the IEC.


Mr Schomberg has been appointed IEC Ambassador for a two-year term (2018-2019) to represent the interests of the IEC in the sector of Smart Energy.

Miroslav Siket

Miroslav Siket – IEC Technical Officer


Mr Miroslav Siket has a Master's degree in Theoretical Physics from Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Following his studies, he worked in physics research for the DoE (Department of Energy) in the USA, at Fermilab, Chicago, to confirm the discovery of the top quark and worked also on large-scale computing farms. In 2004 he joined CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research) in Switzerland as an IT specialist working on infrastructure projects for the handling of large computer data centres and Grid computing. From 2010 he worked as an IT consultant for the WHO (World Health Organization) and UNAIDS on multiple projects concerning their social network and the global management of their experts. He joined IEC in 2011 in the IT department where he worked to develop the new Standards project development dashboard. Since 2017 he moved to the Technical department as Technical Officer.