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IEC Young Professionals Programme


Young Professional Leaders

Chan-keun Park

Annette Frederiksen (Germany)


Annette Frederiksen was born in Rendsburg, Germany. She lived her first 18 years in Belgium, where she completed her Baccalaureate at the European School of Brussels I. Afterwards she studied mechatronics at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, where she specialized in micro mechatronics and received her Engineering Diploma (Dipl.-Ing.) in 2009. During her studies she worked for five months as a trainee at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France. In 2012, she received her PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, for her research on scanning laser projection systems. Annette joined Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany, in 2008 and has been working since 2009 in the Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering department in the group for optics and optoelectronics. Her working topics are simulation, development and prototyping of new concepts for display and optical sensor technologies. She is deeply involved in eye safety evaluation of complex laser products and actively participates as an expert in the German (DKE/GK 841), European (CLC/TC 76) and international (IEC TC 76) standardization committees for eye and laser safety. In 2017 she became Secretary of CLC/TC 76.

Alan Sellers

Juan Li (China)


Juan (Applejuan or Apple) Li is a senior engineer working for Huawei. She obtained her PhD in 2014 from the national institute of applied sciences (INSA) in Lyon, France, where she studied computer science - service-oriented architecture and industry management. After graduation she joined Huawei Software, where she became an industry development engineer with Business Development Manager and Frameworx Transformation Manager certifications. She has been working with several international industry standards organizations, such as TM Forum and The Open Group, on digital transformation of telecommunication operations. She has led and contributed to more than nine industry standards, including the first telecommunication industry digital maturity model, telco data monetization governance functions, digital payment ecosystem, Business Support System (BSS) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for good customer experience, and others. Applejuan is hoping to expand her expertise in information and communications technology (ICT) related areas.

Polad Zahedi

Jorge Richard Angulo (Mexico)


Jorge Richard Angulo is a Programme Manager at General Electric with experience in product R&D, engineering, productivity and technical compliance. He has worked on the business development of new innovative products, from conception to return on investment. During his career he has worked for small, medium and multinational companies in the medical, appliances and energy industries, based in Mexico, the US, Germany and Brazil. He has led several engineering teams, including a regional compliance team more recently. He is currently working on world needs with a special focus on analytics-big data and Internet of Things (IoT) by means of tangible, safe and energy efficient products. He has a Mechanical Engineering Master of Science degree and has recently attended advanced courses on leadership and Big Data Analytics. He holds three granted patents in the appliance industry which endorse innovative products currently on the market. He is involved nationally with the mirror committee of SC 23 K and with the Smart cities mirror Systems Committee. He enjoys being a digital learner and passionate open water swimmer.