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IEC Young Professionals Programme


IEC YP Frequently Asked Questions

Part One: General Questions

1. What is the IEC Young Professionals (YP) Programme?

You can go to the About the Programme section on the IEC YP webpage to learn about the IEC YP Programme, who is it for, when it starts, how it works, etc..

2. How can I participate in the IEC YP workshop and when is the next one?

Here you can find all the information about the IEC YP workshop.

2.1 If my country is not in the National Committee (NC) list, am I still eligible to participate?

The IEC YP Programme is available for IEC Full and Associate Members. If your country is not included, then it is likely that they participate in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme (see list of participants at IEC Affiliate Country Participants). If your country is on this list, we encourage you to contact and support them in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme. Once they become an IEC Associate or Full Member, then they will be able to send participants to the IEC YP Programme. If you have any questions about the IEC Affiliate Country Programme, you can contact them at:

3. What is expected of an IEC YP?

The IEC YP Programme is a stepping stone to help young experts and leaders become more involved in the standardization and conformity assessment work of the IEC. Therefore it is expected that you will become involved in IEC work at the national and/or IEC level after having participated in the IEC YP workshop. The workshop is only the beginning of the YP journey and an entry point into a network that lasts for several years. In this success story (hyperlink to new success story tab) section, you can see what some of the most successful IEC YPs are achieving in the IEC.

4. What is the relation between IEC YPs and members of IEC Technical Committees?

The IEC YPs are considered regular experts when it comes to participating in the technical work of the IEC. Therefore to participate in IEC work, YPs need to be selected by their NC as an expert representing their country.

5. How can I receive regular updates on the IEC YP Programme?

You can go to the News update section on the IEC YP webpage for regular news on the Programme. You can also contact the IEC YP Coordinator to ask to be included in the IEC YP Programme LinkedIn group. If you are an IEC YP, you will receive regular updates from the IEC YP Coordinator as well as information about opportunities for further involvement.

6. How much does participating in the IEC YP Programme cost?

There is no application fee. When you are selected by your NC to participate in the YP workshop, three nights accommodation are covered by the IEC. You will, however, need to cover your VISA costs if necessary, your flight to the location of the workshop and any extra hotel accommodation. Food is generally covered by the Host Committee during the YP workshop, but any food costs incurred outside of the workshop will be an additional expense. Regarding these expenses, you should contact your NC to determine if your company should pay for these or if your NC covers part or all of them.

7. My company is a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) with little or almost no exposure to IEC activities, can I participate?

Yes, and we encourage SMEs to send their young employees to participate in the YP Programme because this will help these companies gain valuable information on the importance of participating in IEC work as an SME.


Part Two: For Selected YPs

1. What should I prepare before attending the YP workshop?

  • Make sure you have completed your YP tab in the Expert Management System (EMS)

  • Make sure you have registered in the Meeting Registration System (MRS) for:
    • YP workshop
    • YP Welcome gathering (if you can attend)
    • Standardization Management Board (SMB) or Conformity Assessment Board (CAB) observation
    • Technical meeting you want to observe (done through YP Coordinator)
    • Interactive session you have chosen
    • YP industry visit (if you can attend)
    • IEC General Meeting opening ceremony
    • Other meetings or events that you would like to attend (please note that these need to be outside the mandatory parts of the YP workshop)
  • Make sure you have completed the YP online pre-workshop training course
  • Visa: make sure you have your visa if you need one
  • Travel: we recommend you book your flights as much in advance as possible
  • Hotel: as an IEC YP you have three nights’ accommodation organized and paid for by the IEC (check-in: Sunday before the workshop, checkout: Wednesday, the last day of the workshop). You do not need to book hotel accommodation for these three nights
    • If you need to book extra nights of accommodation before or after these three nights you will need to do so by contacting the Host Committee or YP Coordinator. These additional nights of accommodation will be at your own expense

2. Apply to become an IEC YP Leader:

2.1 What is the IEC YP Leader role?
YP Leaders represent the future voice of the IEC and are the ambassadors of the IEC YPP within the IEC community, which encompasses close to twenty thousand experts working in the field of electrotechnology. The YP Leader role helps engage the YPs by leading projects with them over the course of the year after the YP workshop. As a YP Leader, you will receive visibility since the IEC community is informed about the election of new YP Leaders and featured in the IEC e-tech magazine. This visibility will increase your exposure to the important networking opportunities the IEC has to offer and is further strengthened by your attendance at the IEC YP workshop the following year.

2.2 How can I be elected as a YP Leader?

YP Leaders are voted into their positions by their year’s YPs during the YP workshop. If you are interested in becoming a YP Leader, you should contact the YP Coordinator before or at the beginning of the workshop to express your interest and motivation for the role. You should then convince the other YPs to vote for you at the YP workshop. Three YP leaders are elected each year, one per region: Africa & Europe (region 1); Asia & the Middle East (region 2); Americas & Oceania (region 3).

2.3 What is expected of an IEC YP Leader?

The commitment is dependent on how much you want to get out of the role. However, previous years’ Leaders have estimated that the role requires one day per month of their time. Some tasks of the YP Leaders include:

  • Sharing latest IEC YPP information with other YPs
  • Collecting feedback from YPs
  • Working on projects to help develop the IEC YPP and engage YPs through these projects
  • Providing input for the YP workshop the following year

3. What opportunities are there after attending the YP workshop? How do I get more involved?

With the support of the IEC YP Leaders, each IEC YP is contacted after the workshop and asked to identify a project in a Working Group (WG), Project Team (PT), Maintenance Team (MT), or other technical group that is of interest to the YP and her/his organization. Then, the IEC YP Programme coordinates with the YP’s NC to see what opportunities are available and what next steps can be taken. YPs are encouraged to review the Making the Business Case webpage to gather the tools and information to help convince their employer to support their involvement. In this success story (hyperlink to new success story tab) section, you can see what some of the most successful IEC YPs are achieving in the IEC.


Also, from time to time, opportunities to participate in the SMB and CAB are available for YPs. These opportunities are communicated to all IEC YPs who then need to apply for selection into these groups.


YP Leaders also engage their year’s IEC YPs in projects such as developing material which is useful for the YPs or engaging the YPs in other activities such as making presentations in universities about the IEC and the YP’s NC.

4. Can I attend the YP workshop a second time?

Yes, you can participate in the YP workshop a second time, but the decision to be selected for a second YP workshop depends on your National Committee. Therefore you need to speak with your NC about the possibility of attending a second time.
Another option is to be elected as one of the three YP Leaders since they are automatically invited to the workshop the following year.