International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

IEC Young Professionals Programme


What's next?

Outcomes from the workshop are reported to the IEC management and the whole community during the IEC Council meeting. The workshop itself opens doors for the IEC Young Professionals but it doesn’t stop there.

Throughout the year, and beyond, the IEC Young Professionals are invited to share their thoughts with the IEC about the future tools and services they will need as they get more involved in IEC work.

Participants can stay in touch with the IEC and their peers through their dedicated forum. The IEC Young Professional Leaders provide another channel for participants to make suggestions about how the programme can encourage the involvement of the younger generation in IEC work.


What IEC Young Professionals say:


I have seen firsthand that our ideas are being acted upon such as the development of the YP manual, and notices to the national committees supporting the development of national programmes. - Chetan Mistry, Design & Development
eing selected as young professional leader opened to me some opportunities, now I’m working actively on my NC, I have had the chance to express my opinion about standards and conformity assessment writing two articles on IEC e-tech. I was promoted in my company as leader of regulatory intelligence, taking care of any change or impacts that may bring international standards activity for my company. - Juan Rosales, Manufacturer
Spreading the concepts and philosophy of the IEC community inside my company is one of my personal goals, because I think that the future should follow this path, and everyone should be on the same wave. - Carlos Rodriguez del Castillo, Utilitity