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IEC Young Professionals Programme

IEC Young Professionals newsletter

The IEC YP newsletter has been developed to inspire IEC Young Professionals to increase their involvement in IEC activities. You will find stories on how some of the IEC YPs were able to get more involved in IEC work after the IEC YP workshops. Articles on successful national IEC YP programmes are also illustrated with other relevant information that helps IEC YPs to be more engaged in IEC work.


If you also have a story to share, please contact Robert McLaren.


List of YP newsletters

IEC Young Professionals newsletter - July 2015


  • Jonathan Colby: Jonathan’s story
  • Growing experts worldwide
  • Mandar Sinnarkar: Why International Standards?
  • Ethan Biery: The value of Standards engagement to YPs
  • Dr Thahirah Jalal: Wonderful collaboration


IEC Young Professionals newsletter - November 2014


  • Nanda Kishore Pamidi: Success story from India
  • Japan’s IEC YP programme: YPJ
  • Andaç Pamuk: Building IEC awareness across the company
  • Jon-Steinar Hanstad: IEC YP increases involvement in Norway


IEC Young Professionals newsletter - July 2014


  • Adam Murdoch: an exceptional success story
  • Gerhard Brown: South Africa launches its own IEC YP programme
  • Juan Rosales: Young Professional on the move
  • Alan Ly: From the Conformity Assessment side of the IEC
  • Keith Sunderland: Standards Development in a non-standard career path
  • Caihao Liang: IEC YP involved in MSB
  • Dan Emmanuel Romero Altamirano: Success story from Mexico


IEC Young Professionals newsletter - April 2014


  • Hong Zhang: An exceptional IEC YP success story from China
  • Creating a standardization legacy: Australian Programme
  • Jonathan Colby, Ethan Biery: A mutually beneficial relationship: How NCs can engage YPs
  • Chelsey Schweikert, Weihong Song: YPs on the move
  • Marc Boolish: IEC YP becomes Chair of TC 35
  • Esther Ondiviela, Stephanie McLarty, Mandar Sinnarkar: IEC YP success stories from around the world