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IEC Young Professionals Programme


Market strategy and the future

The Masterplan is the IEC's main strategic document; it details our vision for the future, identifies the principal areas where the IEC needs to focus its attention and the action that must be taken for the IEC to serve the market efficiently.


The IEC has several groups that look at market strategy and future directions:

  • The MSB (Market Strategy Board) is a high-level group which sets strategies and prioritizes work by looking at the main current and upcoming technological trends and market needs.
  • Sector Boards are established by the SMB (Standardization Management Board) to advise on the priorities for IEC standardization work in a specific field by determining current market needs.
  • Strategic Groups are established by the SMB to look at new initiatives and coordinate IEC technical work in a specific domain.
IEC Zones


In this zone you can find out more about electromagnetic compatibility. It lists upcoming conferences and workshops and provides you with information about IEC publications in this area.




With world energy consumption expected to double over the next 30 years, electricity production from renewable sources is also expected to grow. This zone provides information about the different renewable energy sources and details the IEC's work in each area.


Smart Grid


The IEC is becoming the “one-stop shop” for the large number of Smart Grid projects that are being launched around the world. In this zone you will find information about Smart Grid, about the need for International Standards and about IEC work in this area.