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Renewable Energy and the IEC

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The IEC Young Professionals are proud to present the first ever IEC YP eDiscussion!


This marks the beginning of the eDiscussions led by the YP participants and the IEC. Based on the feedback from previous YP workshop attendees, there is significant interest in both the renewable energy sector and the role of the IEC in the development and standardization of clean energy technologies. As such, the topic for the first eDiscussion is "Renewable Energy and the IEC".


We are pleased to present three speakers with significant experience in the advancement of renewable energy technologies and the developments of technical specifications, standards and conformity assessment within the renewable energy industry.


Mr Jonathan Colby presents an overview of the marine energy sector and the progress being made by TC114.


Mr Sandy Butterfield presents details on the evolution of the wind energy industry and his role as Chairman of TC 88.


Mr Chris Agius presents the effort underway within Working Group 15 (WG15) of the Conformity Assessment Board (CAB). A question and answer session follows the 3 presentations.






HELD ON: 25 JULY, 16.00 -17.00 (EDT)



  • Marine Energy
    Jonathan Colby, Verdant Power, TC 114
  • Wind Energy
    Sandy Butterfield, Boulder Wind Power, TC 88
  • Conformity Assessment in Marine Energy
    Chris Agius, IEC, CAB WG15