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Smart Grid and the IEC

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The third IEC YP eDiscussion brought together two speakers specialized in Smart Grids. This session presents some of the IEC’s activities in the field of Smart Grids, with a focus on IEC SG 3’s Smart Grid “Mapping Tool”.

The first speaker, Ms Manyphay Souvannarath, was elected as a 2012 YP Leader at the IEC Young Professionals workshop in Oslo. She is currently working on a Business Value Case Study Tool Kit project with a group of 2012 IEC Young Professionals. She has also worked on the development of the Smart Grid mapping tool.

The second speaker, Mr Ken Caird, is a Senior Smart Grid Systems Engineer for GE Energy Services and is responsible for the high level architectural design for GE’s Smart Grid System offering. He is the U.S. national country representative on the IEC SMB SG #3 which is responsible for the recommendation of existing standards to be used in Smart Grid projects.

A question and answer session follows the presentations.




HELD ON: 6 JUNE 2013, 17.00 – 18.00 (GENEVA TIME)



  • Applying Systems Engineering to the Smart Grid Standard Complexity
  • IEC SG3 Smart Grid “Mapping Tool”


  • Manyphay Souvannarath (2012 YP Leader, US)
  • Ken Caird (GE Energy Management, IEC SG 3, US)



Smart Grid Mapping Tool
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