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85th IEC GM 2021

3 to 7 October
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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fibre optics

Test methods for fibre optic temperature sensors

Used to measure physical quantities such as temperature, strain and pressure, fibre optic sensors are an alternative to mechanical and electric sensors.

Ensuring the reliability of the Olympic anti-doping laboratory

An international standard. developed by the joint IEC and ISO technical committee, is playing a crucial role in helping the World Anti-Doping Agency to catch drug cheats at the Tokyo Olympics.

Webinar participants preview new online standards development tool

A webinar organized by IEC Academy has given participants a preview of the innovative tool being developed by IEC and ISO to streamline and facilitate the digitalization of standards.

Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions

Learn about IEC work to help quantify the greenhouse gas emissions of electric and electronic products.
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IEC 61936-1:2021 CMV
Power installations exceeding 1 kV AC and 1,5 kV DC - Part 1: AC
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White papers

The Market Strategy Board (MSB) was set up by the IEC to identify the principal technological trends and market needs in the IEC fields of activity. The MSB publishes recommendations – white papers – in a form that differs from International Standards.

Briefing papers

In this section you are able to download brochures that give you a succinct overview of the IEC, its role and structure, how it impacts global trade and supports industry. You will find an outline of the IEC organizational strategy and a summary of IEC work in individual technology sectors.

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