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Electromagnetic Compatibility


Electromagnetic Compatibility


The principal IEC players

IEC TC 77, created in 1973, is a technical committee (TC) with horizontal functions. It is responsible - together with other committees to some extent - for basic EMC Standards for general application and for generic EMC Standards,, although in some circumstances it may also prepare EMC immunity Standards and low-frequency emission Standards for products or product families.


CISPR also has horizontal functions and also develops basic and generic EMC Standards. In addition it has extended its field of activity to EMC product Standards, e.g. for multimedia products and certain household equipment.


The IEC established its Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility (ACEC) to ensure coordination among these special EMC committees and with the outside world, as well as to provide advice to the numerous product committees that develop EMC Standards specific to their products.


In most IEC Member countries, bodies corresponding to IEC TC 77, CISPR or the product committees take care of EMC matters at the national level.