International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
Electromagnetic Compatibility


Electromagnetic Compatibility


The EMC reference pages



Note: Terms/abbreviations with an asterisk are specifically used within the IEC and may not have a direct equivalent in other organizations




Alternating current


Approved for Committee Draft with Vote


being Amended




Approved for nth Committee Draft

ANW* Approved New Work
APUB* Approved for Publication
BWG* Back to Working Group
CD* Committee Draft
CDV* Committee Draft for Voting
DC Direct current
DEC* Draft at Editing Check
EM Electromagnetic
EMI Electromagnetic interference
EMC Electromagnetic compatibility
EN European standard
ESD Electrostatic discharge
FDIS* Final Draft International Standard
HEMP High-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse
HF High Frequency
HV High voltage
ISM Industrial, scientific and medical (RF equipment)
ITE Information technology equipment
LF Low frequency
LV Low voltage
MV Medium voltage
NP* New work item Proposal
Pro* Product Standard
PPUB* Publication Published
PWI* Proposed Work Item
Ref* Refernced in generic and product standards
Rev* being Revised
RF Radio Frequency
RFI Radio-frequency interference
SC* Subcommittee
TC* Technical Committee
TEM Transverse EM wave
TR* Techncal Report
TS* Technical Specification
WG* Working Group