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Electromagnetic Compatibility


Electromagnetic Compatibility


The complete EMC product Standard


Because virtually every type of electrical or electronic product requires its EMC performance to be assessed at one time or another in its life, the IEC takes a highly systematic approach in building up its EMC standardization system.
All the detailed guidelines on how to draft EMC publications are contained in IEC Guide 107.
If you are an expert already working on standardization in the IEC, you can download it free of charge. If not, it can be purchased from the IEC Webstore. You can also download a free short introduction to Guide 107 in PDF format.


Comprehensive coverage


Every complete EMC product Standard should thus be comprehensive in its coverage and include:

  • The scope of the publication, indicating the type or types of product covered, the emission and/or immunity problems dealt with and the frequency range(s) in consideration. 
  • A list of all the basic, generic and EMC product family Standards to which reference is made in the publication. 
  • A general product specification showing its purpose, users, etc, and indicating any exclusions. 
  • A description of the operation and function of the product including details of the power supply, conditions of use, etc. 
  • A specification of the EM environment in which the product is installed. This is generally taken from the IEC 61000-6-X generic EMC Standards but it may also include extra information about special sources of EM disturbances and their levels, for example. 
  • Any special requirements, such as safety requirements, narrow ranges of deviation or performance as a function of time. 
  • The emission limits and test set-up for the relevant low-frequency and high-frequency phenomena. 
  • The immunity requirements and tests, paying particular attention to precise acceptance criteria and preferably providing additional information on which functions should continue to operate and which may be interrupted. 
  • Overview tables summarizing the prescribed emission or immunity tests.