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Electromagnetic Compatibility


Electromagnetic Compatibility


Structure of CISPR 16


CISPR 16 is a series of 16 publications specifying equipment and methods for measuring disturbances and immunity to them at frequencies above 9 kHz.


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CISPR 16-1
Consists of six parts, specifies voltage, current and field measuring apparatus and test sites. These include calibration and verification aspects of measuring apparatus
  • Part 1-1: Measuring apparatus
  • Part 1-2: Ancillary equipment – Conducted disturbances
  • Part 1-3: Ancillary equipment – Disturbance power
  • Part 1-4: Ancillary equipment – Radiated disturbances
  • Part 1-5: Antenna calibration test sites for 30 MHz to 1 000 MHz
  • Part 1-6: EMC-antenna calibration
CISPR 16-2
Consists of five parts and specifies the methods for measuring high-frequency EMC phenomena, dealing both with disturbances and immunity
  • Part 2-1: Conducted disturbance measurements
  • Part 2-2: Measurement of disturbance power
  • Part 2-3: Radiated disturbance measurements
  • Part 2-4: Immunity measurements
  • Part 2-5: In situ measurements for disturbing emissions produced by physically large equipment
CISPR 16-3
Is an IEC Technical Report that contains specific technical reports and information on the history of CISPR
CISPR 16-4
Consists of five parts and contains information related to uncertainties, statistics and limit modelling
  • Part 4-1: Uncertainties in standardized EMC tests
  • Part 4-2: Uncertainty in EMC measurements
  • Part 4-3: Statistical considerations in the determination of EMC compliance of mass-produced products
  • Part 4-4: Statistics of complaints and a model for the calculation of limits
  • Part 4-5: Conditions for the use of alternative test methods