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Electromagnetic Compatibility


Electromagnetic Compatibility


Structure of IEC 61000


The structure of the IEC 61000 series reflects the subjects dealt with by basic EMC publications. As can be seen in the table below, they include terminology, descriptions of electromagnetic phenomena and the EM environment, measurement and testing techniques, and guidelines on installation and mitigation. Note that Part 3 does not contain basic EMC publications but is listed here for completeness as it is part of the 61000 series.


This large and considerably subdivided series of Standards and Technical Reports will eventually consist of nine parts. Since the titles of Parts 7 and 8 are still open, the present structure is as follows:


IEC 61000

Part 1: General
  • Basic concepts (fundamental principles, definitions, terminology) - interference model
  • Functional Safety (what a safety function does and approaches of its being performed satisfactorily)
  • Measurement uncertainty
Part 2: Environment
  • Description of the environment
  • Classification of the environment
  • Compatibility levels
Part 3: Limits
  • Emission limits
  • Immunity limits (insofar as they do not fall under the responsibility of product committees)
Part 4: Testing and measurement techniques
  • Measurement techniques
  • Testing techniques
Part 5: Installation and mitigation guidelines
  • Installation guidelines
  • Mitigation methods and devices
Part 6: Generic Standards
  • Generic emission and immunity requirements in various environments
Part 9: Miscellaneous