Conformity Assessment Board

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CAB Subgroups

Working Group
WG 10CAB Policy and Strategy
WG 11Systems issues
WG 14Promotion & Marketing 
WG 18New CA Services Radar
Ad-Hoc Groups
ahG Block weeksCAB subgroups meeting block weeks
ahG Lessons LearnedLessons learned from the IECRE experience.
ahG Promotion staffDedicated promotions staff member
Task Force
TF IAFManage the issues of the IAF relationship.
TF IECRE Improvement PlanDevelopment of an Improvement Plan for IECRE.
TF R&R High-level guidanceTF – Review & Revise High-level guidance
TF Top 4 CAB StrategicTop 4 CAB strategic priorities & self assessment


The CAB establishes Working Groups (WGs) to accomplish tasks within its responsibilities which require more, or more specialized, preparation and discussion than can be accommodated within the framework of the twice-yearly CAB meetings. Terms of reference and membership are decided in advance for each WG.
WGs report regularly to the CAB, and any conclusions or decisions arising from their work are placed on the CAB’s agenda and decided there.
WGs are normally of limited duration and are disbanded by the CAB when no longer needed.