International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Standardization Management Board

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ahG 85 Members

Mrs Ellen Joyce Bleeker
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Mr Miguel Ángel Aranda Gómez
Ms Lynne M Gibbens
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Mrs Yuanchao ChenDE
Ms Bettina FunkSE
Mr Christian GabrielAT
Mr Tae-Wan KimKR
Mr Thomas KorssellSE
Mr Vimal MahendruIN
Mr Hirokazu NakanoJP
Mr Emmanuel André, François, Geoffroy PETITFR
Mr Óscar QuerolES
Mr Russell ReeferGB
Mr Florian SpitellerDE
Mr Ivano VisintainerIT
Mr William Anthony ZertucheUS
Mr Liang ZhangCN

Title / Task

ahG 85

IEC Secretariats


ahG 85 will:

- explore the possibility of implementing the ISO Twinning programme or similar in IEC.

- explore the process for the confirmation of Secretariats using the ISO model as a reference.

ahG 85 will additionally review the implementation of the following:

- development of a request to DMT for defining the role of Assistant Secretary and recognizing it as an official IEC leadership position.

- development of a request to DMT for including flexible parameters whereby NCs holding a TC/SC Secretariat should be given the option to appoint more than one Assistant Secretary, provided that each Assistant Secretary is assigned specific tasks.