Marine energy conformity assessment

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Working Group - WG 15

Title / Task

WG 15

Marine energy conformity assessment


To develop a Framework for an Internationally Standardized approach of addressing the Conformity Assessment needs of the Marine Energy Industry using the Blueprint endorsed at CAB's 29th meeting in Stockholm, 2011, as a basis.



The Standards being developed by IEC TC 114 address a critical need for an industry that is characterized by a diverse range of technology concepts that will be deployed in harsh environmental conditions. The Standards will provide a basis for ensuring the reliability of these technologies and their safe deployment.

Similar to other industries, device developers will additionally have to provide evidence to interested parties (financiers and insurers) that they have designed, manufactured and tested their devices in accordance with an accepted protocol. In general, this type of assurance requires third party verification and certification.

Device developers, purchasers and interested parties would benefit from a framework that would provide them with independent assurance risk mitigation and a route map of compliance through standards.


This Blueprint covers the Conformity Assessment needs of the new and burgeoning Marine Energy Industry (within the scope of TC 114) with the goal of building confidence among existing and new stakeholders.

1. A Single International System that provides a common Framework for Conformity Assessment in the Marine Energy Industry operating within the IEC Conformity Assessment structure is desired.

2. While some aspects of existing IEC Conformity Assessment Systems may be used to cover components of a Marine Energy System, the Marine Energy industry, has Conformity Assessment needs that go beyond existing IEC CA Schemes and therefore require a separate Framework.

3. The Framework shall consider the specific practices within the Marine Energy Industry, including a systems approach for the entire product and project development life cycle.

4. The Framework shall consider the need for a risk management based approach associated with investment and finance in a new and complex industry.

5. The Framework shall address the criteria for and methods of acceptance of Conformity Assessment Bodies to operate in the Framework.

6. In the interest of consistency, the Framework shall consider addressing the criteria for reporting of evaluation outcomes from participating Conformity Assessment Bodies.