Promotion & Marketing 

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Working Group - WG 14

Mr Thorsten Arnhold
Mr Chris AgiusIEC/CO
Mr Martin ColeCA
Mr Georgii FeodoridiRU
Mr David HanlonIEC/CO
Mr Masayuki HirataJP
Mr Eung-Ro LeeKR
Mrs Nathalie MouyalIEC/CO
Mr Shawn PaulsenXF
Mrs Antoinette PriceIEC/CO
Mr Thomas SauerDE
Mr Pierre Andre SelvaFR
Mr Trond SollieNO
Mr Jan-Henrik TiedemannIEC/CO
Mr Wolfram ZeitzIEC/CO

Title / Task

WG 14

Promotion & Marketing 



(a)  Take responsibility for a high-level overseeing and coordination function for IEC CA promotional and marketing activities.

(b)  Maintain and promote (within the IEC community) use of the CA Promotional Matrix (CAPM).

(c)  Provide support to CA Systems in their development and maintenance of marketing plans

(d)  Work with IEC CA Systems, IEC Communications Department and the IEC Academy to ensure alignment of high-level promotion and marketing messages across IEC

(e)  Identify, and recommend to the appropriate body (for the creation of), CA promotional and marketing plans and material.

(f)  Monitor and report to CAB.