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SG 5

Ambient Assisted Living


SG 5 was established in 2011, to manage and coordinate Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) standardization work in IEC TCs, to establish and achieve interoperability and interconnectivity of AAL systems, and accessible design of their user interface.

AAL systems encompass products, services, environments and facilities used to support those whose independence, safety, wellbeing and autonomy are compromised by their physical or mental status.

Note: for the definition of Accessible Design refer to ISO/IEC Guide 71

The following actions have been defined:
- Summarize the status of standardization in this field (inside and outside IEC),
- make an inventory of existing standards and standardization projects in progress,
- engage key stakeholders interested in AAL standardization work in IEC,
- define a structure for the coordination of cross TC/SC work, where required,
- monitor TC/SC work to highlight any overlap of work or potential inconsistencies,
- liaise to ISO, ITU, and other organizations,
- take into consideration the economic aspects of AAL, e.g. by identifying international market potential, identifying market drivers,
- consequently describe the state of the art as well as to identify potential gaps, to address the IEC standardization needed on AAL,
- fill these gaps by drawing a roadmap with a timeline that includes a reference architecture and prospective standardization projects.

It is not within the scope of SG5 to write standards.