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TC 56



TC 56 Scope

TC 56

To prepare international standards in the field of dependability, in all appropriate technological areas, including those not normally dealt with by IEC Technical Committees. Dependability covers the availability performance and its influencing factors: reliability performance, maintainability performance and maintenance support performance (including management of obsolescence). The standards provide systematic methods and tools for the dependability assessment and management of equipment, services and systems throughout their life cycles.

The standards cover generic aspects on reliability and maintainability programme management, testing and analytical techniques, software and system dependability, life cycle costing, technical risk analysis and project risk management. This includes standards related to product issues from component reliability to guidance for engineering dependability of systems, standards related to process issues from technological risk analysis to integrated logistics support and standards related to management issues from dependability program management to managing for obsolescence.

The application of these standards may raise safety related issues, though the standards themselves do not cover safety. They may be applied to business risk analysis but these risk areas are not dealt with by TC 56.

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