TC 88

Wind energy generation systems


TC 88 Scope

Standardization in the field of wind energy generation systems including wind turbines, wind power plants onshore and offshore and interaction with the electrical system(s) to which energy is supplied.

These standards address site suitability and resource assessment, design requirements, engineering integrity, modeling requirements, measurement techniques, test procedures, operation and maintenance.

Their purpose is to provide a basis for design, quality assurance and technical aspects for certification. The standards address site-specific conditions, all systems and subsystems of wind turbines and wind power plants, such as mechanical, and electrical systems, support structures, control and protection as well as communication systems for monitoring, centralized and distributed control and evaluation, implementation of grid connection requirements for wind power plants, and environmental aspects of wind power development.

The TC 88 standards will be developed based on and in agreement with appropriate IEC/ISO standards.

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