TC 47

Semiconductor devices


TC 47 Scope

To prepare international standards for the design, manufacture, use and reuse of discrete semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, display devices, sensors, electronic component assemblies, interface requirements, and microelectromechanical devices, using environmentally sound practices.

Activities include wafer level reliability, package outlines, terms and definitions, quality issues, physical environmental testing, device specific test methods, device specifications and minimum content, pinouts, interface requirements, and applications.

Excluded from the scope are:

- Passive integrated circuits or networking containing resistors and capacitators or their combination (TC 40).

- Systems of photovoltaic conversion and all the elements in the entire photovoltaic energy system (TC 82).

- Devices covered by the scope of TC 22, TC 86 and JTC1.

- Discrete/integrated optoelectronic semiconductor devices for fiber optic telecommunications including hybrid modules (TC86).

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