TC 20

Electric cables


TC 20 Scope

To prepare international standards for the design, testing and end-use recommendations (including current ratings) for insulated electrical power and control cables, their accessories and cable systems, for use in wiring and in power generation, distribution and transmission. The applications cover an unlimited range of voltage and current, and includes applications such as cables for photovoltaic installations, charging cables for electric vehicles, HVDC cables (land and sub-sea), High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) cables and heating cables where the current is used to create heat. Cables specifically designed for marine applications covered by SC 18A are excluded. All cables for communication, data transmission and other non-power applications are covered elsewhere. TC 20 holds a Group Safety Function for fire hazard testing on cables comprising:

- flame propagation tests;

- fire resistance tests;

- smoke optical density tests;

- corrosivity tests.

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