TA 5

Cable networks for television signals, sound signals and interactive services


TA 5 Scope

To develop international standards and other publications relating to cable networks including equipment and associated methods of measurement for headend reception, processing and distribution of television and sound signals and for processing, interfacing and transmitting all kinds of data signals for interactive services using all applicable transmission media. These signals are typically transmitted in networks by frequency-multiplexing techniques. This includes for instance

- Regional and local broadband cable networks,

- Extended satellite and terrestrial television distribution systems,

- Individual satellite and terrestrial television receiving systems, and all kinds of equipment, systems and installations used in such cable networks, distribution and receiving systems.

The extent of this standardization work is from the antennas and/or special signal source inputs to the headend or other interface points to the network up to the terminal input of the customer premises equipment. The standardization work will consider coexistence with users of the RF spectrum in wired and wireless transmission systems.

The standardization of any user terminals (i.e. tuners, receivers, decoders, multimedia terminals etc.) as well as of any coaxial, balanced and optical cables and accessories thereof is excluded.

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