TC 57

Power systems management and associated information exchange


TC 57 Scope

To prepare international standards for power systems control equipment and systems including EMS (Energy Management Systems), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), distribution automation, teleprotection, and associated information exchange for real-time and non-real-time information, used in the planning, operation and maintenance of power systems. Power systems management comprises control within control centres, substations and individual pieces of primary equipment including telecontrol and interfaces to equipment, systems and databases, which may be outside the scope of TC 57. The special conditions in a high voltage environment have to be taken into consideration.

Note 1: Standards prepared by other technical committees of the IEC and organizations such as ITU and ISO shall be used where applicable.

Note 2: Although the work of TC 57 is chiefly concerned with standards for electric power systems, these standards may also be useful for application by the relevant bodies to other geographical widespread processes.

Note 3: Whereas standards related to measuring and protection relays and to the control and monitoring equipment used with these systems are treated by TC 95, TC 57 deals with the interface to the control systems and the transmission aspects for teleprotection systems. Whereas standards related to equipment for electrical measurement and load control are treated by TC 13, TC 57 deals with the interface of equipment for interconnection lines and industrial consumers and producers requiring energy management type interfaces to the control system.

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