TC 106

Methods for the assessment of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields associated with human exposure


TC 106 Scope

To prepare international standards on measurement and calculation methods to assess human exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

The task includes: characterisation of the electromagnetic environments with regard to human exposure; – measurement methods, instrumentation and procedures; – calculation methods; – assessment methods for the exposure produced by specific sources (in so far as this task is not carried out by specific product committees); – basic standards for other sources; – assessment of uncertainties. It covers the whole frequency range from 0 Hz to 300 GHz. It applies to basic restrictions and reference levels.

Excluded are: – the establishment of exposure limits (see AC/38/2009 of 2009-11-27); – mitigation methods which have to be dealt with by the relevant product committees; – electrical safety (however, the issue of contact current related to the indirect effect of human exposure to electromagnetic fields is included).

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