TC 40

Capacitors and resistors for electronic equipment


TC 40 Scope

To prepare international standards for:

a) Capacitors, resistors, thermistors and varistors intended for use in electronic equipment.

b) Capacitors, resistors and inductors and complete electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression filter units for EMI suppression (see note).

c) Passive integrated circuits or networks containing resistors, capacitors, inductors or their combinations. For the dimensional standardization of the final package, requirements laid down by TC 47 shall be adopted whenever possible.

d) Packaging of electronic components for automatic handling, which is an activity undertaken on behalf of all relevant component technical committees.

e) Electric double layer capacitors for use in electric and electronic equipment.

Note: In this work, use has to be made as far as possible of any relevant work of TC 51 on inductors, the CISPR on the measurement of EMI suppression characteristics and TC 77 on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Liaison has also to be maintained with TC 61, TC 66, TC 108 and other appropriate IEC Technical Committees on the safety aspects of EMI suppression components and filter units.

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