TC 66

Safety of measuring, control and laboratory equipment


TC 66 Scope

To prepare safety standards for test and measurement equipment, industrial-process control equipment, and laboratory equipment wherever they are used. Such equipment includes:

a) equipment and systems to measure, test, generate, and analyse, simple and complex electromagnetic quantities and equipment that by electromagnetic means measure physical quantities.

Note: Aspects of this equipment other than safety are covered by other technical committees.

b) equipment and systems for industrial-process measurement and control.

Note: Aspects of this equipment other than safety are covered by TC 65 except that SC 65A has a Horizontal Safety Function relating to the functional safety of electrical/electronic/ programmable electronic systems and SC 65B is responsible for the functional safety of programmable controllers.

c) laboratory equipment for analysis, handling and preparation of materials.

Note: This equipment includes measuring instruments, systems and their accessories, for preparation, treatment and analysis of materials in the fields of research, medicine, industry and education, and for environmental monitoring.

TC 66 has a Group Safety Function in accordance with IEC Guide 104 for the equipment in categories a) to c) above.

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