SC 22F

Power electronics for electrical transmission and distribution systems


SC 22F Scope

Standardization of electronic power conversion and/or semiconductor switching equipment and systems including the means for their control, protection, monitoring, cooling and other auxiliary systems and their application to electrical transmission and distribution systems.

NOTE: Typical examples are power electronic equipment for flexible a.c. power transmission (controlled series capacitors, unified power flow controllers, etc), converters and associated equipment for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems irrespective of d.c. voltage level, reactive power compensation means (static VAR compensators, STATCOM, etc), power electronic equipment for smart grids, connection to electrical transmission and distribution systems of renewable and distributed power generation (wind farms, solar stations, etc) including the standardization of system-related features of d.c. systems with d.c. voltages 100 kV and lower, as well as other applications where power electronics is used, e.g., phase shifters and active filters.

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