International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 104

Environmental conditions, classification and methods of test


TC 104 Scope

1. Standardization of environmental condition classes which represent the conditions to which products are most likely to be subjected whilst being:

- transported,

- stored,

- installed and

- used.

The classification shall use validated environmental parameters and provide guidance in the selection and use of those classes intended for the preparation of relevant specifications.

2. Standardization of environmental test methods intended for the preparation of relevant specifications and to provide guidance in the selection and use of those methods.

3. The correlation and transformation of environmental condition classes to environmental tests.

4. Excluded from the scope of this committee are those matters which are within the scope of other IEC Committees, such as Electromagnetic Compatibility (TC 77 and CISPR), Safety (TC 62, TC 66 and TC 74), Fire Hazard (TC 89), Ionizing Radiation (TC 45), Explosive Atmospheres (TC 31) and Dependability (TC 56). Internal liaisons are maintained with those IEC committees which are specifically excluded from the scope.

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