TC 34



TC 34 Scope

To  map  and  maintain  the  standardization  structure  and  to  prepare,  review  and  maintain international standards and related IEC deliverables regarding safety, performance and compatibility specifications for:

a) Electric lamps and electric light sources b) Caps and holders

c) Controlgear and control devices for electric lamps, electric light sources, and electronic lighting equipment

d) Luminaires

e) Lighting systems

f) Miscellaneous equipment related to items a), b), c), d) and e)


A lighting system is a combination of light sources, luminaires and related equipment interacting together  to  satisfy  lighting  application  requirements  such as  human  comfort,  safety,  the surrounding environment, and energy consumption. The lighting system may serve for visual function, or non-visual function. The lighting system can include physical components, communication between components, user interfaces, software and networks to provide central control and monitoring functions. A definition of the term "lighting system" is under development in WG 14.


Compatibility specifications may include requirements necessary for coexistence, interoperability and interchangeability between components in a lighting system.


It is recognized that the border of TC 34 product responsibility, the interfaces and protocols to other products, and committees internal and external to IEC may need to be specified.


For lighting systems within building premises, TC 34 is responsible for light sources, luminaires, control gear, dedicated protocols, and certain aspects of dedicated networks.


Details of the work on control devices and on lighting systems are currently under consideration in

SEG 9/WG 5 "Advisory group on lighting systems".


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