TC 8

System aspects of electrical energy supply


TC 8 Scope

To prepare and coordinate, in co-operation with other TC/SCs, the development of international standards and other deliverables with emphasis on overall system aspects of electricity supply systems and acceptable balance between cost and quality for the users of electrical energy. Electricity supply system encompasses transmission and distribution networks, generators and loads with their network interfaces . This scope includes, but is not limited to, standardization in the field of:

- Terminology for the electricity supply sector,

- Characteristics of electricity supplied by public networks,

- Network management from a system perspective,

- Connection of network users (generators and loads) and grid integration,

- Design and management of de-centralized electricity supply systems e.g. microgrids, systems for rural electrification.

While relying on efficient and secure data communication and exchange, TC 8’s scope does not include standards for communication with appliances and equipment connected to the electric grid or for communication infrastructure serving the electric grid. TC 8 is responsible for the maintenance of basic publications (horizontal standards) on standard voltages, currents and frequencies ensuring the consistency of the IEC publications in these fields. TC 8 cooperates also with several organizations active in the field of electricity supply such as CIGRE, CIRED, IEEE, AFSEC, IEA.

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