Internet of things and related technologies


ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41 Scope

advise its liaison officers on approach towards the liaison

assist its liaison officers in the prompt resolution of issues

assist in the review and of relevant JTC 1/SC 27 and JTC 1/WG 13 projects and balloting documents relevant to the SC 41 program of work

respond, if required, to JTC 1/SC 27 and JTC 1/WG 13 liaison statements and reports

issue at least once a year liaison statement(s) and/or report to JTC 1/SC 27 and JTC 1/WG 13

encourage and assist JTC 1/SC 27 and JTC 1/WG 13 to maintain compatibility between their standards and JTC 1/SC41 standards

Present a consolidated report of activities at each SC 41 Plenary.


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