TC 79

Alarm and electronic security systems


TC 79 Scope

To prepare international standards for the protection of buildings, persons, areas and properties against fraudulent actions having the purpose to enter in a place or to take or to use something without permission and other threat related to persons.

The scope includes, but is not limited to equipment and systems, either used by ordinary persons or by trained people in the following residential and non residential applications:

- Access control systems;

- Alarm transmission systems;

- Video surveillance systems;

- Combined and/or integrated systems even including fire alarm systems*;

- Fire detection and fire alarm systems*;

- Intruder and hold-up alarm systems;

- Remote receiving and/or surveillance centres;

- Social alarm systems.

These systems can be used for providing a local or remote alarm; they can be used for calling private guards, social assistance, fire brigade or police force. They can be used for recording and transmission of dated or undated information, sounds, pictures of places and people for surveillance purposes.

The standards cover:

- terminology;

- technical characteristics regarding performance criteria, reliable operation, installation, maintenance;

- testing for detection, monitoring, recording, triggering an alarm and transmission to a remote centre including procedures and protocols for communication.

Electrical safety, environmental conditions and behaviour of alarm systems regarding electromagnetic compatibility are also considered with reference to the appropriate standards (e.g. Guide ISO/IEC 51).

* ISO/TC21/SC3 is in charge of the production of standards for "Fire detection and alarm systems".

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