TC 120

Electrical Energy Storage (EES) Systems


TC 120 Scope

1. Standardization in the field of grid integrated EES Systems.

- TC 120 focuses on system aspects on EES Systems rather than energy storage devices.

- TC 120 investigates system aspects and the need for new standards for EES Systems.

-TC 120 also focuses on the interaction between EES Systems and Electric Power Systems (EPS).

2. For the purpose of TC120, “grid” includes and is not limited to applications in:

a) transmission grids

b) distribution grids

c) commercial grids

d) industrial grids

e) residential grids

f) islanded grids

g) MUSH(Municipal/Military, Utilities/Universities, Schools, Hospitals) grids

h) ICI (Institutional, Commercial and Industrial) grids

It is also confirmed that TC120 can include “smart grid.” Storage in railway systems is considered if it contributes as an EES System to the grid as referenced in2 a-f.

Note: grid: electricity supply network (ISO/IEC 15067-3) smart grid: electric power system that utilizes information exchange and control technologies, distributed computing and associated sensors and actuators, for purposes such as:

- to integrate the behaviour and actions of the network users and other stakeholders

- to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supplies (IEV 617-04-13)

3. EES Systems include any type of grid-connected EES Systems which can both store electrical energy from a grid or any other source and provide electrical energy to a grid. By that feature it maintains the balance between electrical energy demand and supply over a period of time.

TC 120 considers all storage technologies as long as they are capable to store and to discharge electrical energy. (Energy storage itself is not in the scope of the work.)

Note) Thermal storage systems are included in the scope, only from the electricity exchange point of view. Unidirectional energy storage systems such as UPS are not included in the scope of TC 120.

4. The scope of TC 120 is to prepare normative documents dealing with the system aspects of EES Systems.

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