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Steering Committee


CIS/S Scope


The Steering Committee shall consist of the following:

a) the Chair of the CISPR (to be Chair of the Steering Committee);

b) the Vice-Chair of the CISPR;

c) the Chairs of all CISPR subcommittees;

d) the immediate past Chair of the CISPR;

e) the Chief Executive Officer of the IEC;

f) the Secretariat of the CISPR;

g) additional members as co-opted by the Chair of the CISPR;

h) a representative of each of the Member Bodies of the CISPR other than the National Committees of the IEC. Details of current members are shown on the CISPR page of the IEC website;

i) a representative of each liaison body;

j) the conveners of those Working Groups which report directly to the Steering Committee (when required).

Terms of reference

The responsibilities of the Steering Committee are as follows:

a) To approve the CISPR Strategic Business Plan.

b) To assist and advise the Chair of the CISPR in the conduct of the affairs of the CISPR.

c) To maintain contact with all work in progress in the CISPR.

d) To give guidance and assistance to those carrying out the work of the CISPR.

e) To consider progress reports from subcommittees, and from Working Groups which report directly to the Steering Committee.

f) To advise the Chair of the CISPR as to the arrangements to be made for meetings of the CISPR.

g) To refer new objects of study to a subcommittee when the terms of reference do not directly apply.

h) To set up Working Groups reporting to the Steering Committee.

i) To coordinate and direct the work between sub committees on common issues.

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