International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 77

Electromagnetic compatibility


TC 77 Scope

TC 77

Standardization - to prepare standards and technical reports -

in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), with

particular emphasis on general application and use by product

committees. (Horizontal function).

The scope covers the following aspects of EMC:

- Immunity and related items, over the whole frequency range: basic and generic standards,

- emission in the low frequency range (f <= 9 kHz, e.g. harmonics and voltage fluctuations): basic, generic and product (family) standards,

- emission in the high frequency range (f > 9 kHz): disturbances not covered by CISPR 10 (1992), in co-ordination with CISPR (e.g. mains signalling).

Product immunity standards are not included. However, at the request of product committees, TC 77 may also prepare such standards under the co-ordination of ACEC.

Horizontal Safety Function:

Electromagnetic compatibility in so far as safety aspects are involved.

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