International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

TC 72

Automatic electrical controls


TC 72 Scope

TC 72

To prepare standards related to inherent safety, to the operating characteristics where such are associated with applicational safety, and to the testing of automatic electrical control devices used in appliances and other apparatus, electrical and non-electrical, for household and similar purposes, but also extended to industrial purposes when no dedicated product standards exist, such as that for central heating, air conditioning, process heating building automation, etc., including the following:

1. Automatic electrical control devices, mechanically,

electromechanically, electrically or electronically operated,

responsive to or controlling parameters such as

temperature, pressure, passage of time, humidity, light,

electrostatic effect, flow or liquid level.

2. Automatic electrical control devices serving the starting of

small motors that are used principally in appliances and

apparatus for household and similar purposes. Such control

devices may be built into or be separate from the motor.

3. Non-automatic control devices when such are associated with

automatic control devices.

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