SC 45A

Instrumentation, control and electrical power systems of nuclear facilities


SC 45A Scope

To prepare standards applicable to the electronic and electrical functions and associated systems and equipment used in nuclear energy generation facilities (nuclear power plants, fuel handling and processing plants, interim and final repositories for spent fuel and nuclear waste) to improve the efficiency, safety and security of nuclear energy generation.

Our standards cover the entire lifecycle of these instrumentation, control and electrical power systems, from conception, through design, manufacture, test, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, aging management, modernization and decommissioning.

Our core domain is instrumentation, control and electrical power systems important to safety in nuclear energy generation facilities. The nuclear sector has its own well-developed safety philosophy and methodology, hence our safety publications address the differences from the generic approach and provide directives specific to nuclear energy related facilities with an all-encompassing approach to safety.

According to the TC 45/IAEA agreement our nuclear sector safety and security standards implement principles and terminology of the IAEA safety and security guides. The core domain includes the radiation monitoring instrumentation used for monitoring, control and safety actuation functions.

Our domain includes instrumentation, control and electrical power systems used in nuclear energy generation facilities to manage and control nuclear materials in the frame of international agreements and to safeguard nuclear material and prevent its illicit trafficking. Joint work and/or liaison will be undertaken in case of overlapping functions with radiological and environmental monitoring.

An aspect of our charter is the application of emerging electronic techniques in order to meet nuclear instrumentation and control requirements, particularly computer systems and advances in information processing and control, including artificial intelligence. In this context, one of our strategic tasks is to review and comment on drafts of IAEA safety and security codes in order to maintain consistency between IAEA and IEC documents and identify detailed technical aspects for which IEC standard developments are appropriate and responsive to the market needs.

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