New Revenue Generation (NRG)




New Revenue Generation (NRG) Terms of Reference (ToR)

  • Scope: make recommendations to CB regarding new products and services to facilitate new revenue generation for IEC and NCs in alignment with the IEC mission

  • Timeframe: the anticipated duration of the group is two years: 2019 - 2020

  • Workplan

    • Develop a list of potential new revenue streams through new products and services

    • Analyse the potential revenue generation and detail anticipated return

    • Consider viability/feasibility, risk management, implementation and timeframe

    • Make initial recommendations to CB in 2019

    • Review implementation and make recommendations where necessary

    • Make final report to CB in 2020

  • Meetings: NRG is expected to hold at least one physical meeting a year and two web-meetings a year, in addition to activities by correspondence.

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