IEC/ISO/ITU World Standards Cooperation (WSC)



The World Standards Cooperation (WSC) is a high-level group focusing on the common interests of its three member organizations, the IEC, ISO and ITU.

The primary functions of the WSC are:

  • to strengthen and advance the voluntary consensus-based international standards system of IEC, ISO and ITU through specific policies and cooperation, and by the sharing of information on experiences;

  • to promote and increase the worldwide visibility of international consensus-based standardization and related conformity assessment matters;

  • to foster coordination and collaboration between the three organizations, contribute to efficient work planning and resolve expeditiously any issue regarding cooperation in the technical work of the three organizations, if the matter has failed to be resolved in a timely manner at all lower levels of coordination.

WSC members share information on their experience and develop policies and strategies to achieve these goals. The WSC also addresses such areas as promotion to academia, in particular engineering and management schools, and when needed it sets up ad hoc task forces with participation as required. Each WSC member organization is represented by four of its current Officers. The chairmanship and secretariat rotate annually between the organizations.

WSC Members

Deputy President (Immediate Past President or President Elect)
Vice-President and Standardization Management Board (SMB) Chairman
General Secretary & CEO
Vice-President (policy)
Vice-President (technical management) and TMB Chairman
Telecommunication Standardization Bureau; Deputy Director
Telecommunication Standardization Bureau; Chairman
Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG); Deputy to Director of Radiocommunication Bureau