Information Technology Advisory Group




The IT Advisory Group will enhance the involvement of NCs in the IEC IT activities, build a greater understanding of NC, TC and other users’ strategic needs for IT and increase communication across the IEC community on IT activities.

The IT Advisory Group shall advise the General Secretary & CEO on:

  • Identification of the business needs of NCs and their stakeholders where IT support is required

  • Prioritization of IT requirements originating from management boards

  • Cooperation with other organizations on IT activities (identified opportunities and risks)

  • Communication with IEC stakeholders on all matters above

The group will hold an annual physical meeting and regular web meetings to:

  • Comment on the IT vision, strategy and plans, including the joint roadmap with ISO

  • Undertake a high level review of the status of existing projects Outline specific NC needs and their relative priorities

  • Help resolve identified resource bottlenecks/prioritization conflicts

  • Support communication between Central Office and the IEC community to ensure TCs, Board members and other users are aware of the IEC IT vision, strategy and plans

  • Support efforts to build an understanding of NC, TC and other users’ strategic needs for IT and communicating the understanding to all parties


The group is open to any full member National Committee wishing to send a representative. Members shall have a deep understanding of the strategic aspects of IT and should be involved in the strategic discussions of the National Committee. Each full member may send one representative. While a replacement can be accepted if the representative is unavailable for a meeting, this should be an exception. ISO will be invited to mandate an observer to the group.

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