Audit Committee




The Council Board (CB) has created AudCom as an advisory body to assist in ensuring the financial security of the organization and to reduce potential risk in current financial operations . The AudCom makes recommendations to the Council Board based on the review of the Audited Accounts.

The AudCom will:

    1. Receive an annual report from the Auditors on the IEC Audited Accounts, and review the Treasurer’s memorandum, with a view to supporting its presentation to CB and Council.
    2. Review the Auditor’s work and make recommendations on the appointment of the Auditor.
    3. Identify and report areas of concern regarding the financial statements.
    4. Review the adequacy of the internal financial controls and recommend the creation of new controls where particular risks are identified.
    5. Investigate concerns on the Audited Accounts, on operational financial risks or on other financial matters as determined by Council Board.

    It comprises a Chair and four members (two individuals from Group A member countries and two individuals from non-Group A full member countries). The Chair of AudCom is appointed by the Executive Committee for a term of three years, repeatable once. Members of AudCom are elected by the CB for a term of three years. Members are automatically eligible for re-election for one further three year term of office.

    AudCom should meet at least once a year in Geneva, Switzerland.

Further information

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