IEC Coordination group for measurement science




Informal group established by the IEC Central Office in 2019 to advise, guide and coordinate IEC input relating to the work of the JCGM. In particular, in the knowledge that the JCGM guidance documents address the general  metrological needs of science and technology, the group is responsible for ensuring that the particular interests and aspects relating to the technical work of the IEC are taken into consideration. In practical terms, the group shall provide input to the JCGM  with the aim of ensuring that the guides of the JCGM are suitable for implementation by the IEC international standards community (thereby ensuring that there is no gap between the general and particular needs, and contributing indirectly to the JCGM goal  of promoting worldwide adoption and implementation of the results of its work). The group will act as a point of contact from the IEC to the JCGM for any topics requiring advice on questions related to the implementation of the JCGM guidance documents.

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