IEC Comités d'Etudes & Sous-comités


A propos des TC/SC


Many thousand experts carry out standardization work in the IEC in TCs (technical committees) and SCs (subcommittees), in hundreds of working groups, project and maintenance teams. They represent the national electrotechnical needs of IEC Member countries and of many Affiliates at the global level in the IEC. These technical experts are sent by industry, governments, test and research laboratories, academia and even consumer groups to work on the global, neutral and independent platform of the IEC. That's where they develop globally relevant, voluntary, consensus based IEC International Standards.


TCs report to the SMB (Standardization Management Board). Each TC defines its scope (or area of activity) which is submitted to the SMB for approval. Any TC can form one or more SCs depending on the extent of its work programme. SCs define their scope under the parent TC to which they report directly.


TC membership is composed of the IEC NCs (National Committees), all of which are free to take part in the work of any given TC, either as:

  • P-Members (Participating members)

    who have the obligation to vote at all stages and to contribute to  meetings;

  • O-Members (Observer members)
    who follow the work as an observer receiving committee documents and having the right to submit comments and to attend meetings.

IEC TCs and SCs prepare technical documents on specific subjects within their respective scopes. These documents are submitted to the Full Member NCs for vote and approval as International Standards.


The SMB also establishes project committees to prepare individual Standards that don’t fall within the scope of an existing TC or SC. Project committees are disbanded once a Standard has been published.


Each IEC NC is responsible for the participation of experts from its country. If you would like to participate in the work of an IEC TC or SC, please contact your NC. If your country is not a Member of the IEC, please contact the IEC Central Office.

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